Prairie Research Institute



Thank you for supporting the Prairie Research Institute!

At the Prairie Research Institute, our science extends beyond the laboratory. We do science that serves the people of Illinois and that helps decision makers at the community, state, and national levels to preserve and manage our precious cultural and natural resources. When you contribute to PRI, you share in this mission.

Your gift to PRI helps fund work in geology, ecology and biodiversity, archaeology, water, weather and climate, pollution prevention, hazardous waste management, and sustainable energy.

PRI Support Fund

Giving to this unrestricted fund enables us to direct your support where it is most needed, whether that’s hiring and retaining expert staff, digitization of data, infrastructure updates, or other emerging needs.

Scientific Collections

The Prairie Research Institute Scientific Collections Fund supports preservation of our archaeological, biological, and geological research collections, which include rare and irreplaceable human artifacts, fossils, subsurface geological samples, and biological specimens (including amphibians, reptiles, birds, fish, insects, mammals, annelids, crustaceans, and mollusks).

If you’d like to direct your donation to a specific collection, please type its name into the Additional Instructions field on the payment page.

Questions about either fund? Contact Senior Director of Advancement Erin Kirby at or 217-244-1901.