Prairie Research Institute

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion are vital to the identity and success of the Prairie Research Institute as an organization that engages with diverse stakeholders, addresses consequential scientific and societal challenges, and creates positive public impact.

  • PRI celebrates differences and enables each person to bring their authentic self to work. We strive for a work culture where everyone feels welcome to be their genuine self. Providing a sense of belonging for every person fosters collaboration and creativity.
  • PRI does not tolerate discrimination against its employees, students, or collaborators, or discrimination committed by its employees, students, or collaborators.
  • Everyone at PRI is responsible for cultivating diversity, equity, and inclusion. There are many actions, large and small, required to create a workplace culture that values and supports diversity, equity, and inclusion. No one person can do it alone! Engagement and commitment from all PRI staff are needed to make changes that are meaningful and lasting.
  • PRI engages and supports underrepresented/underserved communities. Actively engaging with, listening to, and collaborating with diverse communities ensures that PRI’s applied scientific research and service activities will deliver positive impact throughout Illinois, and beyond.


PRI is committed to recruiting and supporting a diverse, skilled, and dedicated staff. The following charts and tables show the current makeup of PRI’s staff and student populations (as of May 2023). Statistics are based on data collected by the University of Illinois and are self-reported by employees and students.

pie chart of PRI's staff gender: 54% male, 45% female, 1% undisclosed
pie chart of PRI's student gender: 37% female, 29% male, 34% undisclosed

*excluding students and unpaid affiliates

See PRI’s full-time and part-time employment opportunities.


In collaboration with the University of Illinois’ Summer Research Opportunities Program, PRI offers summer internship opportunities to undergraduate students from populations underrepresented in graduate study at Illinois. During the 10-week program, interns are immersed in applied science projects at PRI and participate in professional development and social activities with other SROP students. Each intern receives a $4,000 stipend, and housing, meals and travel costs are covered.

Applications are closed for 2023, but read more about the 2023 internships that were offered.