Prairie Lightning Symposium Flyer 2014

Prairie Lightning Symposiums

40 Lightning Talks
5 minutes, 20 slides, 15 seconds each. Ready? Go!

The scientists of the Prairie Research Institute have presented three Prairie Lightning Symposiums over the past few years. Each symposium consisted of 35 to 50 "lightning" talks and posters, showcasing the diverse work of the State Scientific Surveys in the areas of water, energy climate, ecosystems, natural hazards, archaeology, and sustainable technology.

2014 Prairie Lightning Symposium Agenda and Abstracts (pdf ~765kb)

UPDATE:   Watch the talks - The symposium talks are available via our YouTube channel.

2012 Symposium - November         Program       
2012 Mini-Symposium - September         Program
2011 Symposium Program Book         Program        

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For questions regarding the Symposium call 217-265-4677.

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