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Separation Information

PRI Exit Forms: Required Separation forms are found by clicking the employee class links below.

Whether you are retiring, pursuing another opportunity within the University of Illinois, or exploring new opportunities outside of the University, this guide will help you through your transition. The Prairie Research Institute is grateful for the services and commitment of all our employees and when an employee exits our institute, we strive for a smooth transition. 

All departing employees are processed through appropriate exit procedures with a Human Resources team member who will work to coordinate the final payroll, closure of accounts, and any necessary notifications to PRI administrative offices and campus departments. 

Through this process, departing employees will work directly with members of PRI Facilities, Human Resources, and Finance to efficiently manage the closure of property, inventory, data, and other operational activities and assets.

All equipment including computers, keys, P-cards, T-cards, records, electronics, books purchased with University and/or grant funds is property of the University of Illinois and should remain in your vacated office for inventory and reassignment or turned over to an appropriate PRI staffer. As defined by the Office of Business and Financial Services, all property at the University, regardless of funding source, to which the University acquires title is subject to the regulations of the Illinois Department of Central Management Services as state-owned property.

In addition to the return of University property, PRI requires all departing employees to clean their assigned office space of all personal effects and vacate office and lab space by the last day of employment.

PRI can entertain requests for an exiting employee‘s return from supervisors or survey directors. If the exiting employee is retiring, no requests to return will be permitted until 60 days or more after being removed from active pay status. This request for continuation of employment short-term may be in the form of a rehired retiree or by requesting formal affiliate status with PRI. Each option requires approvals from within PRI and the University. A departing employee may not retain any University property or store their personal property on the assumption of a return arrangement. 

Important things to consider:

  • Resignations/Retirements – Pay and benefits end at midnight on the resignation day.  
  • Retirement – For employees considering retirement, please be sure to review the U of I retirement page, work with SURS regarding your retirement, and let PRI-HR know as soon as possible so that we can coordinate with campus.
  • Leave payout (terminal benefit payout deferral)- Those with vacation/compensable sick balances who want to defer a portion or all of their vacation or compensable sick leave payment into a 403(b) or 457(b) plan MUST have PRI-HR complete and submit an estimate of your payout using the Benefits Payout Deferral Worksheet to University Payroll and Benefits (UPB) benefit services at least 60 days before separating. If you have questions regarding this deferral, you should contact UPB at least 60 days before separating from the University. You may use the Terminal Benefits Net Pay Calculator to calculate an estimate of the net pay you will receive upon termination of employment with the System. Please contact PRI-HR as soon as possible to ensure the form is completed and submitted to UPB at least 60 days before retirement.

Please contact a member of the HR team if you have any questions

  • Amy Dillman, Senior Associate Director for Human Resources: Email or 217-333-0431
  • Jon FreimanEmail or 217-244-2687
  • Amber HallEmail or 217-300-4080
  • Lori Walston-VonderharrEmail or 217-244-2401
  • Megan WeeksEmail or 217-244-4768

Please click the employee class link below that corresponds to the employee class referenced in your offer email from the PRI-HR contact. Exiting employees must review information and fill out certain forms to complete the separation or retirement process.  

PRI Exit Forms

Click the Corresponding Employee Class Link