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Strategic Research Initiative (SRI-PRI)


Joint Sustainability Engineering Program

Strategic Research Initiative (SRI)  – Joint Sustainability Engineering Program
The Grainger College of Engineering SRI program provides funding for faculty teams to move forward with multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary, convergence research leading to large-scale, multi-investigator centers and institutes. These centers and institutes will continue Illinois’ world-renowned research that historically impacts engineering, science, and society.

Joint funding and support from Grainger Engineering and PRI for this Joint SRI will promote cross-institution collaboration among researchers to help PIs and Co-PIs embark on larger-scale efforts, resulting in substantial federal, industrial, or other external support.

Funding: $75,000 
Award Duration: Phase 1: 1 year
Open Date: Next Cohort Fall 2024   
Due Date: Closed
Program Contact: Don Takehara, Grainger Engineering Director for Research (

Note: In 2024, Grainger Engineering and PRI encourage proposals where faculty and researchers from the two organizations collaborate. These proposals will be subject to the same review process as other SRI proposals except the final decision will be made by the Dean of Grainger Engineering along with the Executive Director of PRI. Awarded proposals will be treated the same as other SRI projects receiving up to $75,000 for Phase 1 as well as having the same reporting requirements and being eligible to submit a Phase 2 proposal.