Prairie Research Institute

New Employee Information


Welcome to the Prairie Research Institute!

New employees must review information and fill out certain forms to complete the hiring process. Please review the information below and fill out the forms that are pertinent to your position.

New employees are also required to complete U of I forms through the UI New Hire process. New employees will receive a welcome email from the U of I providing the UI New Hire login ID and password. This process must be completed as soon as possible to avoid delays in payroll.

Benefits-eligible employees enroll in state benefits through CMS MyBenefits and have only 30 calendar days from the date of hire to make benefit elections. Benefits-eligible employees can start the enrollment process three days after completing the Employee Information Form (EIF) in step 1 in UI New Hire by clicking “Login” (upper right of screen), and then “Logging in for the first time? Register” (lower right of screen) and answering the self-registration questions. PRI HR representatives can answer eligibility questions.

Please contact a member of the HR staff if you have any questions:

  • Amy Dillman, Associate Director for Human Resources: Email or 217-333-0431
  • Jon FreimanEmail
  • Amber HallEmail
  • Lori Walston-VonderharrEmail or 217-244-2401
  • Megan WeeksEmail or 217-244-4768

All Staff

All new employees must complete these forms.

  1. Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP): All buildings on the U of I campus are required to have plans to help staff prepare for various potential emergencies, such as fire and extreme weather. Please review the Building Emergency Action Plan for the primary building in which you work. Then use this short form to confirm that you reviewed the relevant BEAP.

Additionally, you will receive 1-3 forms to complete through Adobe Sign, depending on the requirements of your position: 

  1. Information Security Compliance Form (if required by your position)
  2. U of I Department Drivers Form (required of all PRI employees)
  3. Driver Supplemental form (required of all PRI employees)

Academic Professional Employees working on grants

Effort Reporting Confirmation Form: All employees funded by grants must fill out the effort reporting form. Your supervisor or HR representative can assist in determining if this form is required.

Civil Service & Hourly Employees

Web Time Entry: Civil Service and hourly employees enter time sheets online at Time sheets are due every other Friday; your HR representative will contact you regarding time sheet deadlines. The online time entry process is very easy and, since it’s online, you do not have to be on campus to submit time sheets. Your supervisor will then acknowledge your time sheets online.

Extra Help