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Carbon Management

Illinois has a significant interest in managing the carbon dioxide produced from power-generation and industrial processes and understanding how carbon management activities affect the state’s environment, economy, and public health. In August 2021, Gov. Pritzker signed into law Public Act 102-0341, which calls for the Prairie Research Institute to issue a report on carbon management, including both carbon capture and carbon storage.

PRI has conducted extensive research on carbon capture, utilization, and storage and on the unique geography of Illinois, so the Institute is well positioned to compile an objective, science-based report that addresses:

  • Carbon capture, utilization, and storage current status and future storage resource potential in the State;
  • Procedures, standards, and safeguards for the storage of carbon dioxide;
  • Permitting processes and the coordination with applicable federal law or regulatory commissions, the Class VI injection well permitting process;
  • Economic impact, job creation, and job retention from carbon capture, utilization, and storage that both protects the environment and supports short-term and long-term economic growth;
  • Development of knowledge capacity of appropriate agencies and stakeholders;
  • Environmental justice and stakeholder issues to carbon capture, utilization, and storage throughout the State;
  • Leveraging federal policies and public-private for research, design, and development to the State;
  • Liability for the storage and monitoring of the carbon dioxide after the completion of a carbon capture, utilization, and storage project;
  • Acquisition, ownership, and amalgamation of pore space for carbon capture, utilization, and storage;
  • Methodologies to establish any necessary fees, costs, or offsets; and
  • Any risks to health, safety, the environment, and property uses or values.

PRI will produce a report on these issues no later than Dec. 31, 2022.

PRI’s CCUS response team

PRI’s CCUS report team is led by Sallie Greenberg, a principal scientist at the Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS). Other members of the CCUS study team are:

  • Trish Barker, PRI associate director for strategic communication
  • Angie Coy, PRI coordinator of stakeholder engagement
  • Kevin C OBrien, director of the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) and Illinois State Water Survey (ISWS)
  • Steven Whittaker, leader of the Energy & Minerals division of the Illinois State Geological Survey, vice chair of the CCUS response team
  • Richard Winkel, PRI deputy executive director

Advisory Committee

As required by the Act, an advisory committee has been formed to support this study, consisting of: 

  • Illinois State Rep. Ann Williams (11th District), co-chair
  • Illinois State Rep. Tom Bennett (106th District), co-chair
  • Illinois State Sen. Craig Wilcox (32nd District)
  • Andrew Armstrong, Chief, Environmental Bureau, Illinois Attorney General’s Office
  • Rob Baren, Legislative Liaison, Illinois Department of Agriculture
  • Colleen Callahan, Director, Illinois Department of Natural Resources
  • Adnan G. Khayyat, Chief, Division of Nuclear Safety and Chief Strategy Officer, Illinois Emergency Management Agency
  • Kyle Rominger, Chief, Bureau of Land, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
  • Katherine Stonewater, Senior Advisor, Energy and Broadband, Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity

For more information

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If you have questions, please contact Trish Barker at or 217-300-2327.