Mahomet Aquifer Response Team

Rapidly emerging issues of public concern and threats on the horizon surrounding the Mahomet Aquifer, and more generally subsurface water security in the State of Illinois, led to the formation of this PRI response team in 2017. Relevant themes of the emerging problem include water, agriculture, and potentially climate adaptation, where substantial harm to local and regional populations and their economies could be exposed to recurring threats. PRI’s role in addressing emerging issues of public concern is to clarify the science and communicate the threat or challenge. Further, PRI addresses threats on the horizon by anticipating, researching and defining such threats or challenges, and alerting affected constituencies. 

Response Team Members

  • Current Coordinator: Rick Winkel
  • Past Coordinator: Jeff Stein
  • Trish Barker
  • Steve Brown
  • Kisa Mwakanyamale
  • Jason Thomason
  • George Roadcap
  • Walt Kelly


In June 2017, the response team organized a stakeholder workshop on The Future of the Science of the Mahomet Aquifer


Stakeholder input from this workshop was reported in ISGS Circular 594: The Future of the Science of the Mahomet Aquifer